Side Effects of Hyperbaric?

Side Effects of Hyperbaric?

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a safe way to promote greater wellness. These treatments can help heal serious injuries such as bone injuries and injuries to tissue due to radiation. Of course, this type of treatment has side effects just like any other treatment, but it is one of the safest treatments for serious illnesses. The Hyperbaric Centers of Texas offers safe, effective hyperbaric oxygen treatments.

What is Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy?
Hyperbaric oxygen treatments require the patient to enter an enclosed chamber. While the patient breathes normally, the pressure in the chamber increases to greater than one atmosphere. The increased pressure can help promote healing in certain parts of the body.

Some doctors perform a type of therapy where isolated areas of the body are exposed to greater atmospheric pressure, but this is not hyperbaric treatment because the entire body is not enclosed in the chamber.

Common Side Effects
Pain in the ear is one of the most common therapy side effects. This type of pain is similar to the type of pain you might feel upon taking off or landing when traveling by airplane. In most cases, your ears feel better as soon as the treatment ends. Mild ear pain is normal and is not of concern to most treating physicians. Patients may also experience blurry vision or fatigue while in the pressurized chamber.

Serious Side Effects
Complications and serious side effects are rare. However, occasionally a patient will experience oxygen toxicity while in the chamber. This side effect can cause seizures and serious respiratory illness. Doctors monitor patients in the hyperbaric chambers to ensure they are not suffering from this side effect. It is also important for patients to breathe normally and not hold their breath in the chamber to minimize the risk of serious side effects.

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